who we are

Who we are

What does URBANAUTS actually mean, and what is a "Grätzl"?

What does URBANAUTS mean?

URBANAUTS is a portmanteau of "Urban" and "Nautics". "Urban" is derived from the Latin word "urbanus", which means "pertaining to the city" or "urban", derived from "urbs", which means "city". "Nautics" is related to navigation skills, typically associated with maritime navigation. In a literal sense, our "Nautikers" navigate through the city, as URBANAUTS represents a new way of traveling, known as traveling "off the beaten track".
Our primary focus is on creating a unique and personal experience where the visitor discovers the city for themselves, without relying on reception tips but instead immersing themselves in the urban environment. That's what URBANAUTS is all about.

And what is a "Grätzl"?

A "Grätzl”, also spelled as "Kretzl”, "Gretzl”, “Grätzel”, or "Gretzel”, refers to a part of a Viennese residential district, typically encompassing a few blocks of houses. It lacks a strict technical boundary, which means that a district can consist of several "Grätzln”, and it is more defined by a particular sense of community and lifestyle rather than a strictly defined geographic boundary. It can be somewhat compared to the concept of a neighborhood, akin to the "Kiez" in Berlin. In Vienna, this term is often related to the village-like character of former suburban communities that are now located within the city's inner belt, such as the Meidlinger Markt, the Spittelberg, the Karmeliterviertel or the Servitenviertel.
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