Wiener Festwochen Partnership

Wiener Festwochen Partnership

Collaborating on culture events is part of the URBANAUTS values.

Vienna Festival packages for our guests

As enthusiastic fans of the Vienna Festival, we are delighted to be involved in partnership activities at this major international cultural event in Vienna in 2024. On the one hand, artists and performers of the festival reside at URBANAUTS STUDIOS Fillgrader, on the other hand we have invited the Munich influencer Dennis Mitch to document the opening of the festival for us and we are allowed to pass on a contingent of exclusive festival tickets to our esteemed guests for raffle. This is how we celebrate the Vienna Festival together with our guests!

Three extensive Vienna Festival packages will be raffled off on our Instagram account. The three packages each include 2 hotel nights for two people and to make your Vienna experience unforgettable, you will attend 2 Vienna Festival events together. You choose from the themes of opera, theater or music/dance and stay overnight either at the grätzlhotel or at URBANAUTS STUDIOS Fillgrader.
Further details can be found on our URBANAUTS Instagram account.

The Wiener Festwochen - the contemporary festival of the arts - runs from May 17 to June 23, 2024 in Vienna.

The Vienna Festival presents 46 productions - all international works from spoken theater, opera, music, dance, performance, visual arts and activism. A brilliant open-air event will be held on Rathausplatz for the opening, at which the Free Republic of Vienna will be proclaimed.
The Vienna Festival Weeks turn the whole of Vienna into a festival zone, as the 141 performances are staged at 34 different locations. 45,000 tickets are on sale, plus 14 free events.
We would like to thank the Wiener Festwochen for their cooperation and look forward to further joint events! Stay tuned!